Fling Shooee!

The philosophy of less is not new and is spread across many disciplines, cultures and beliefs. Regardless of your approach there is good reason to do get rid of “stuff”. Stuff takes time, energy, space and money for the privilege of having it. There are many approaches to having less stuff, some practical some philosophical and even spiritual. Part of what makes us keep things is the idea that we will need this or that thing, down the road. The solution to keeping things for the “rainy day” is to assess what the real needs are and then get rid of the rest.

The second component of “less” is a more subjective thing which involves style and the absence of visual clutter. When things are out of site, they are indeed out of mind. We succeed when we are able to focus on what really matters. It’s the leftover and things undone that tend to haunt us later on and like gum on your shoe, hard to remove as time goes on.

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