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The Problem With Survival

The economic collapse scenario

The problem with survival [in the wild] is that many people won’t. I hate to say that but many people are not prepared mentally to survive. Another reason survival is unlikely for some is that there is no experience for them to draw on. Given that most people are used to living out of their refrigerators and fast food restaurants, if they had to forage and or kill game to live on, few of us modern folk know how to kill, butcher and prepare wild game. There are lots of other problems but think about this; if there are lots of people wandering around in the wilds it won’t be long before issues arise. . I can think of nothing more dangerous than a suburbanite trudging through the woods in tennis shorts and flip flops, dragging a bunch of rarely used camping gear as if going for a weekend at the lake. Unless you have a really remote retreat to reside in while things get sorted out you will have to deal with other people and all of the societal issues that go along with it. Who owns what, where and for how much? You can imagine.

A more plausible scenario is this. Outages and scarcity will be spotty and regional. Cities will be hardest hit because people will panic and out of desperation will do “bad things”. As long as there is government at any level they will continue to function as best they can. The problem with this is that the “preparedness plan” that has been safely in the notebook will now be tested in ways unimaginable by those who wrote it. The “officials” will be on edge, undermanned and overworked. The unscrupulous of society will exploit the situation to the maximum extent.

While it is possible to obtain enough food and water to survive, the picture becomes a little more complex when you consider things like fuel, medical and other services become necessary. We have become a very dependent society and just because we are without electricity doesn’t mean we will be content to stay that way.

It is easy to imagine small “communities” cropping up to aid in their mutual support. Friends and family will still be a part of our network and as such will take on new meaning as we mutually try to support our families and ourselves.

Often preparedness or survival is spoken of in a solitary way with the only contact being with some adversary. While situations may arise where you are on your own it is more likely that you will be involved with other people in one way or the other unless you’ve been dropped off in a foreign country and in a hostile environment.

Just an opinion or experienced speculation, which is all we have to go on at this point. Some “Preppers” as they are called seem to relish the opportunity to dive into all of the political rhetoric and I suppose that does figure into the whys of society going down hill but the tangible needs are those things that we can personally do something about.

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  1. June 13, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    Nobody knows where, how, why, what, or when the decay will begin but I think most Americans know that we take too much of the Earth’s resources. Americans know that our luxury cruse is coming to an end.

    I believe this is a good thing.

    • June 13, 2010 at 9:40 pm

      True, I think it’s just a matter of time. Two years ago we spent a week without elec. during the winter and although we were able to relocate to a heated space it brought the lesson home very quickly :-).

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