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Bed table chair, what does it mean to me?

How do three pieces of furniture symbolize this blog and more importantly why is it important to me? Bed Table Chair is simply a philosophy or approach to living. In this era where everything is defined by a niche it would seem that something so broad as “an approach to living”, would be out of step. Let me explain; I have for over thirty years designed places where people live and work. Those designs involved countless ways in which we interact with the material world and from that process has come a way of paring down to what is essential versus what might be interesting for the moment. In other words it’s about editing your life and discovering those things that are important.

There are plenty of sites that can teach you how to unclutter or save money and they do an excellent job of covering those topics. I suppose there will be some overlap here but what I hope to offer is some underlying strategy to living in what  I call, “the tension between heaven and earth”.

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