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Macs & Media …reality check!

I, like many Mac/Apple fans am sitting on the edge of my virtual seat of WWDC trying to scoop the show and have some fun in the process. Like many bloggers I read the news, forums and whatever in order to get a pulse on what is happening with Mac’s and tech in general. That said, I must say that much of it is UNREAL. It’s unreal for two reasons one is that there is always “spin” which is crafted to  elevate one idea over  another and second is some of it just plain opinion, educated as it may be. Most of the things I write is opinion and some of it is even informed but mostly because I like to speculate. It keeps the synapse firing on all cylinders. It’s always good to view these things with an eye towards what is real which usually we only know as we look back historically. Today we’re probably wrong about some things and right about others; we just don’t know which is which. Fun Huh!

If you find any of this slightly interesting you can read more at another of my blogs, SomeMacBlog.

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