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Internet Loop 360 with Off Ramps into Mac Land et al.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been at this internet thing for almost twelve years now and it is amazing how much things have changed in that span of time. More amazing is the fact that I find something new almost everyday; some new piece of software or technology comes across my radar. Truly the old prophecy about “run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased” has come to pass. Of course we all have the same problem can I find what I need and then be able to afford the cost so that I can be more productive. That is probably why most people look for the “free” stuff. We all like free and if it’s really useful then we’re really happy.

I thought for this post I would simply give a rundown of what kinds of things I am turning up and then let you decide for yourself whether it’s something that will work for you. So If I ramble a bit, stay with me and if I don’t make sense just click on the links. 🙂

We’ll start with Flickr; used by hundreds of thousands and either loathed or loved but none the less a huge social network of people uploading everything imaginable and in some cases unimaginable. Along with flickr itself there has risen quite a little cottage industry of add on tools based on flickr’s API that make it possible to do different things with your photos.

Here are a few.

fd flickrtoys  [many tools at this site]
greasemonkey [Firefox Plugin]
Flickr inspector [Find Public info about Flickr Members]
Flickr storm [Cool way to find pictures]
Most Interesting Pictures by: [Based on Flickr's interestingness algorithm]

I am sure this only scratches the surface but you get the idea.


I just learned today that when you hold down the option key while starting iPhoto or iTunes a window will pop up and ask if you would like to create or use a different library. So If you wish to further segregate your music or photos this is an easy way to do it and it’s built right in.


My phone camera experiment has been proceeding nicely; here a few tips. The basic rules of taking pictures apply no matter what camera you use. If your subject is moving or it’s fleeting moment, you will need to work fast. You will probably only get one shot because when you snap then you have to save and by then the moment is gone. Don’t use the zoom. Try all the different settings; some have white balance and night mode. You can even adjust the exposure up or down. For best results using a low resolution camera you will need to do some post processing but this can net some really great images. Oh and by the way you will probably want to omit the flash; try it and you will see why.


Getting Things Done or GTD as it is called is seemly ever on the rise. What we all deal with and have to do has been turned into a whole industry by Mr. David Allen author of Getting Things Done. What Mr. Allen and others have done is to create a system by which we can accomplish all the tasks that pile up in our lives and our in-baskets. There are perhaps hundreds of sites that write about this topic or specialize in it and so I won’t try to list them all but will share a few.

The big tip is this: Settle on a system that works for you and use it. It’s less about what system or software you use than it is about just consistently using the system. Make it work for you and get stuff done!!!

Here are a couple more:

iGTD [ free software for getting things done, Mac ]
The Ultimate GTD Index

We’ll make this Part One and In Part two we will look at some of what’s ahead.

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