The Unanswered Question

Ever read a blog, tutorial, or review only to find your burning question is left unanswered? Or worse yet you download a piece of software but find it doesn’t work for your situation, system, or amount of ram. Frustrating. Having said that I must be subject to my own rant. My proposal is that I/we all do a better job of anticipating the questions of our readers.


It places additional responsibility on the blogger, pundit or company but I think with a little effort we can better serve the uninitiated or those with a slightly lower geek factor.

Am I asking too much? Well I don’t expect perfection nor can I deliver it myself but my hope is that we can serve our readership better. Where it depends of the use of technical devices such as computers and software; some information becomes essential. I do applaud those who in my opinion shine in this regard by being thorough and providing some clues as to the difficulty level of the task at hand.

I am typing this post in a program called Textmate it is a treasure trove of text editing capability of which I have barely scratched the surface. Yet questions remain and problems do come up. Apparently I can’t post to my hosted WordPress blog directly. It will post to a WordPress blog that is on another hosting service. Why? I have no idea; perhaps it has something to do with the gateway into I did receive a response verifying the problem did exist but the actual problem was not specified. Fair enough! I got a response but I wish I knew more.

Companies and Software used in preparing this post:

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