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Apple and The Sub Notebook Saga

sub notebook, dreaming again

Appleinsider and Macrumors both mentioning some reported information on the sub notebook front. Looks as if the rollout of this product has slipped as well into late 2007 or early 2008. If this is this is true that assumes that there is such a product and I for one think that’s good news.

The big question is what and who is it for? What kind of power, storage and kind of OS will it have; full OSX Leopard, scaled down version like the iPhone, who knows? When I look at a new piece of hardware or software my initial thought after I calm down from the coolness factor, is what is it for and if it’s something that I have not used before then I ask myself how will this impact my workflow. What can I do different or better than what I am doing now. This all in the light of the fact that I have a backlog of about twenty programs that others have said is just the neatest most time saving thing they have ever used. I wish I could really utilize all that I have now on my desktop.

Still that doesn’t keep me from wanting the newest latest, greatest, lighter, cheaper, faster thing that’s new on the market. As I have opined in other places, for me the notebook computer would be a much better traveling companion when I just want to check email or do some light surfing and writing. My full laptop kit weighs at least 20lbs and that’s just too much to lug into Starbucks every time I want to do a little work. I still do it but not all the time, opting rather for a Moleskine to capture what may come when the creativity is flowing.

Lets say the Apple branded sub-notebook really makes its way into our hands it would seem that a whole new generation of apps may generated that take advantage of the memory and form factor of this new device. As usual you and I will be the winners; I think it’s a good time to be a programmer. Of course I can say that; I am not one :-). In the mean time we shall speculate!!

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