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All the iPhone, Leopard Talk; Does It Really Matter

We have cell phones and we have Mac OSX Tiger, although we might wish they did things differently or better, our machines are humming along nicely for the most part. Much of the talk, writing, and blogging about the new technologies from Apple Inc. are speculation. I am sure there are a few tips and real sources that know a little bit about what is going on. If you really want to know what’s going on, call Apple Inc. and ask for a guy named Steve; cannot promise you will get through though.

What fuels all of this has to do with our dependence on, and desire for, better digital tools and to some degree it’s just tech for technologies sake. We like gadgets and all the whiz bang wow factor that goes with it. Also there is a certain industry that has grown up and thrives on all of this. The bloggers, podcasters and other tech pundits rely on this talk about technology. I don’t think there is anything wrong with talking tech but there are aspects of the coverage that goes beyond helpful information.

Some writers editorials are not based on sound information and as such lead the unsuspecting reader to erroneous conclusions.

Steve Jobs Keynote in January of this year confirmed what many had said or hoped was true there was indeed an iPhone and the reaction was very strong; hardly anyone was indifferent. Many, but not all the features we’re given their moment in the spotlight and since then many of us, small and great have weighed in on what we think it is or will mean in the future.

My final analysis is that no one really knows how the iPhone will affect things in the future but I will predict that even if it was a flop [which I doubt] it still will have far reaching implications. The cell phone makers can no longer get by with hard to use confusing interface design. Today I took another look at the iPhone and it’s features afresh and have a renewed appreciation for what only exists as some code and image files on Apple.com. It is an amazing device and at the core is some very impressive code that drives the interface. That started me thinking about Apple’s need to move resources to the iPhone team in order to meet the deadline. My instincts tell me that is not entirely true or we don’t know what Apple meant when they said they had to move resources.

I am no programmer but the iPhone supposedly uses the ARM chip and Mac’s have Intel chips so doesn’t that mean they have different instruction sets? Which means these programmers would have to bat right or left handed correct? If I am wrong about that feel free to clue me in. Hmmm..

Bottom line; iPhone will ship, Leopard will ship, iLife will ship, iWork will ship and more importantly a whole bunch of really geeky stuff will happen, that right now, is not on anybody’s radar. The ship dates aren’t really that important, what is important is that Apple is innovating and there are thousands of coders and geeks of every stripe that are extending the capabilities of this technology for the sake of managing that part of our lives that is digital.

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