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Apple Takes Notice!

Apparently Apple does take notice of the little people, as if we didn’t know that from the recent lawsuits aimed at bloggers. I noticed that they made a stop at my little pixel patch today. This is due probably because I blogged about the iphone etc. Lest I should reveal some restricted details of upcoming products. Not to worry I don’t have any, but like many others find it challenging to speculate about what might proceed from the infinite loop. Apple seems to thrive on secrecy but it would be a bad day in Cupertino if the Mac community at large stopped trying to scoop the products ahead of the launch.

All the secrecy and the bloggers trying to uncover the secrets is probably the most effective and cheapest marketing program in history. Of course all of this would be moot if Apple didn’t deliver the great user experience that people have come to expect. See! I’ve just given them what they want; free publicity.

Perhaps I wasn’t the only one to give it but Apple did take my advice regarding their marketing efforts which came in the form of Apple retail. You have to demonstrate! Showing what the Mac OSX experience can do far outweighs all the slick TV and Print promotion. Next up! —Leopard, Let’s Review.

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