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Apple Retail – Leopard, Apple TV, iPhone and Beyond


Lots on the front burner at Apple these days! Apple Inc™ is enjoying a wild ride of publicity at the moment even if some of it isn’t good. The rumor mill is quite active and nothing is more certain than the uncertainty of it all. What we do know is that Leopard aka. 10.5 is in the wings with “secret features”, iPhone is to ship in June and Apple TV IS shipping with pretty good reviews. What I have to say on this issue is, remember one thing, “Version 1.0”. The first iteration of anything is not perfect and represents what they could get working and out the door. Internally they have a long list of features, improvements and bugs that must be addressed and will be addressed in successive versions. No it’s not insider information just a little common sense. The common sense approach is pretty boring really, so along with what we actually know we get a fair amount of opinion and cliff-hangering.

Let’s not forget Apple Retail in all of this. Recently it was reported that Apple was the most successful retailer in America. That really doesn’t surprise me. They understand customer experience and how to deliver it, sadly many companies don’t. Knowing how to make things that “just work” is the goal for Apple and that is the key to understanding the company and it’s products.

If you have photos of all this new stuff, including Apple retail hop on over to “Macworld 07 And Beyond” and post your pics. Thanks for reading!

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