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Of Blogs and Podcasts… Appetizing Fare

If you are reading this chances are you are already familiar with blogs and more recently podcasts, whether they be audio or video. With the popularity of Youtube we now have a new breed of media which I think is sort of a raw feed of what is on people’s minds.


All of these are presenting content that at some level is designed to get noticed. While the motivations are manifold there is a large percentage of blogs and podcasts devoted in some way to the digital revolution and what do we make of it. Hardware, Software and how to get things done make up a large portion of online media as well as entertainment and the new kid on the block “social media”.

Social Media is the term given to the two-way online dialog of ideas and opinions about just about any topic you care to mention. You can find more about social media here. What we take from all of these methods of communication is largely up to us. I’ve noticed that there are a few basic ways we interact with the online community.

1. We look for a specific word, topic or place. Maybe we need to find a service in our area; we pop it into Google and off we go. A good one time use and we’re done.

2. Next we go in search of a deeper level of information; looking for those sites that we can return to overtime and glean what is the latest “thing” that we’re interested in. These sites we typically bookmark and or add to our RSS reader for review. This is the digital form of the newspaper albeit a lot more flexible.


3. While there are some online sites that go deep into their subjects many blogs and podcasts only whet the appetite of the viewer or listener so that they can point them to a richer experience.

What I have noticed in my own travels around the web is that if I want to obtain mastery of a concept, piece of software or learn to follow new trends it’s going to take some work. That means this whiz bang piece of software is much more than meets the eye or podcast as it were. To really learn something it comes down to the sweat and dollars just as it always did. There are those things which you can teach yourself and others who’s learning curve is much steeper that require a seminar, book or online video tutorial.

Blogs, podcasts and the like are great appetizers but just remember there is work still to be done which will require our time. We all find ourselves stretched when it comes to the clock. The point of all of this being that we must consider what kind of investment of time and money will be involved if we choose to go down a certain path.

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