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Taking Better Pictures – Getting The Shot

How would you like to start taking better pictures right away? In a just a few short steps you can take better images today without buying more equipment or attending any seminars. It’s actually pretty simple but we overlook it all the time. The secret is getting in position.

Oh! I should preface my remarks by saying that I am speaking to the average non professional photographer. Those who have desired to move beyond the usual snapshots we all make.

There are two steps in getting the shot. First you must get in a position to take the shot and the second is composing the image you see in the viewfinder or LCD on your camera. Simple but not always easy and may take some planning.

How many times have you thought oh! what a great sunset or whatever but somehow you were not ready to take the picture? Maybe you didn’t have your camera or you were late and didn’t have time to stop. Perhaps upon closer inspection you notice that there were too many obstructions to get the shot. Maybe the problem is that you have an idea for a photo shoot but you are not in the same state or even the same country. We all look at the galleries or magazines with our eye toward the impact of the shot. Beyond that, we begin to wonder how did they do that? What comes to mind are things like lighting, exposure, or some other aspect of camera operation. While the camera’s settings are important the first step is to get in position. That might mean stopping the car or it could mean planning a trip, booking hotels and hiring a guide. In either case you must physically get in position.

Getting to the location is step one and then positioning the camera and or yourself to bring the object into the viewfinder is step two. As a note of caution you should keep safety in mind. Although many photographers put their lives in harms way, usually they are professionals and have calculated the risk they put themselves in. Some things to watch out for: traffic, holes in the ground, any unstable platform, heights, and not to mention unruly animals.

Remember the galleries? The camera had to be in that place set to the right aperture, focus, zoom etc and that is what you are ready to do once you get in position. Compose, Set camera, and shoot, all these things after you get yourself and camera in the proper location. If you talk to seasoned pros about photography they will tell you that often there is a good bit of planning that goes into making a picture. There are those times when you are in the heat of the game and you simply have to capture as quickly as you can.

You are there, in position and ready to take the shot. Another key ingredient is composition but we will take that up next time.

Till then keep shooting!!!

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