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Macworld, iPhone and Blogging [Part Two]

If the point of Macworld was to create a stir, it was a huge success. Both before and after the tech press has been afire with review and opinion. With all the scrambling for news and speculation to keep the Apple watchers supplied with a steady flow of information; I must say do we need one more blog post on this? Somehow I am compelled to speak what is on my mind. It just may be that Steve Jobs has created the ultimate cliff hanger. Now that we know what the iPhone looks like etc. we are left with more questions about this little device. I have several but here’s one to consider; what happens when you turn the phone sideways while typing an email, does the keyboard get bigger. Someone on Flickr did a mock up of it so at least I am not alone in that speculation but that is probably the least of our concerns. More important than the iPhone or Apple’s ability to turn out the next great innovation in computing and software is the issue of it’s business dealings. Let’s get the lawsuits, stock options questions and all that behind us. That said, the phone and all the rest of the stuff coming out of Apple will be just fine. They will make a lot of money and we will be happy to have our well designed and easy to use stuff. The reason is because people believe in the products that Apple produces, it’s a matter of values. This happens because they solve problems for us. In the case of the phone they sync up the contacts that we have typed into our computers. Ever try to type an email address into the contacts on your cell phone; takes me a couple of minutes each. For that reason I have about three email addresses on my cell phone. The existing cell phone manufacturers took the approach that their products were good enough; and why not, they are selling. Right?

The difference between a Nokia and Apple is that Apple is a design company and Nokia makes cell phones. Design is what drives a company like Apple. They solve problems that end users have. The problems are there to be solved in many fields but someone has to commit to solve the problem and do it through design. Design is more than the careful placement of objects and pleasing forms. Design demands answers to fundamental questions and will not stop until sufficient answers are found and implemented. That’s Apple Inc.

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