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Macworld, iPhone and Blogging [Part One]

Time to update this blog again. duh! It’s been since August; where does the time go. As for the silence I will have to put that on the “blogger chronicles” We’ve just ended the week of Macworld and the Mac community is a buzz with as much information and speculation as before the event. Although it wasn’t surprising to see Steve Jobs introduce the iPhone it was quite a revelation to see all the features but perhaps more interesting was the interface. Touch Screen combined with simplicity make for a compelling product; phone, calendar, web communication, ipod with wide screen video, photos and a lot more. Pretty cool. Not shipping till June starting at 499.00 4GB and 599.00 for 8GB. Apple.com At the moment only Apple is supplying applications but developers are hoping that will change in the future. It’s unlikely that Apple itself has a complete handle on the iPhone device but for sure, development will continue and future versions are bound to come. Some pundits have opined that Apple will merge this technology with the iPod to enhance it’s already popular music player.

Apple also dropped computer from their name making it just Apple, Inc. No doubt to let the world know that Apple will be about more than just computers in the future. Good hardware/software and tight integration will continue to be Apple’s forte.

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